For individuals/companies

On Octo, banks and other financial institutions compete with each other in a 5-day bidding war (2 days for quick loans) to offer our users (individuals / companies) the lowest interest rate. possible for each request. Or use our OctoPay feature to finance online/offline purchases in just a few hours.

For financial institutions

Octo gives #PowerToThePeople when it comes to financing in their relationship with a bank or other financial institution. We all know that it is very difficult for an individual / company to request a personalized offer from all institutions. Well, we're changing that!

• Competitive financing offers:


Let the banks fight for you

and receive the best offer.

How does it work? Very simple, fast & free:

  1. create an account and add a request with info on the required amount, the destination of the loan, as well as other details;
  2. then the financial institutions matching your criteria will "fight" each other to offer you an interest rate as low as possible, for 5 days (respectively 2 days for quick loans);
  3. choose the best offer, and start the loan procedure.

• Shopping deals & shopping financing:

• For eCommerce/physical merchants: