About Octo

We are Octo.


Octo Banking enables individuals & companies to access the best financing offers on the market by putting the financial institutions in a direct competition for each request. Or use our OctoPay feature to finance online/offline purchases in just a few hours.

We all know that it is very difficult for an individual / company to request a personalized offer from all institutions, but especially to successfully negotiate an offer by putting all these institutions in a direct competition. Well, we're changing that!

  • Whether you need a quick loan, a personal or business loan, a lease or even insurance, Octo Banking is the place where you can receive the best offer on the market.
  • On our bidding platform, banks or other financial institutions compete with each other in a 5-day bidding “war” (2 days for quick loans) to offer our users (individuals / companies) the least possible interest rate for each application. At the end, you can choose the offer you like the most. And it's #FREE.


But we have other benefits for you:

When you can’t afford to pay immediately, you can use OctoPay to access financing offers to complete the payment. More details can be found here.
On OctoShop you can find shopping offers from all categories, from IT & electronics to fashion or furniture. You can access our shopping marketplace here.